Framework texts

These texts by non-trans-identified authors have helped shape this course. While students will not be required to purchase all of these texts, we will use excerpts, ideas, and concepts from them.

Heterosexual Plots and Lesbian Narratives. Marilyn R. Farwell.

Performing La Mestiza: Textual Representations of Lesbians of Color and the Negotiation of Identities. Ellen M. Gil-Gomez

The Architecture of Happiness. Alain de Botton.

Queer Space: Architecture and Same Sex Desire. Aaron Betsky.

Missing Bodies: The Politics of Visibility. Monica J. Casper and Lisa Jean Moore.

Queer Poetics: Five Modernist Women Writers. Mary E. Galvin.

Epistemology of the Closet. Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.

Regarding the Pain of Others. Susan Sontag.

Gender Trouble. Judith Butler.

“The Danger of the Single Story” TED Talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


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