The most important page

This really is the most important page because this is the moment I get to acknowledge all of the folks who made a course like this possible.

I am honored, humbled, and absolutely blessed to have found the support and encouragement of Dr. Monica Casper, Dr. Susan Stryker, and Dr. Aimee Mapes. Mentors, friends, colleagues – however you say it, these women deserve most of the credit for the fact that this course exists here at the University of Arizona. I also want to give a shout out to Dr. Jerry Hogle for his support.

Conversations, emails, and telepathy with the following people have directly influenced the shape and scope of this course. I am indebted to and grateful for their wisdom and generosity. Kristen Nelson, Hannah Ensor, Ian Ellasante, Stephanie Balzer, CA Conrad, Joy Ladin, Trish Salah, Jennifer Hoefle-Olson, JC Olson, Brian Blanchfield, Krista Ferguson, Rae Strozzo, Sam Ace, Aisha Sloan, Arianne Zwartjes, Jen Hofer, Ames Hawkins, Emerson Fae, John (JP) Pluecker, Cara Benson, Deborah Poe, Dean Spade, Rebecca Brown, Kristi Maxwell, Kieran Hixon, Addie Tsai, Rocket McCarthy Blackston.

I’m also deeply indebted to Lexi, Zoe M, and Holly S.-D. whose work I only know online but who were so generous as to post their entire syllabus and thoughts on a trans multimedia class they taught at Brown University.

And, then, I’ll pretty much jump at any chance to acknowledge the friends and family whose support and love continue to encourage me to take risks with my brain, my body, and my heart. My momma, Darline McGinnis, and my sister, Julie Tolbert Nelson. Molly Cooney, Anne Iverson, Courtney and Jennifer Jones Vanderleest, Leslie Ashford, KT Stefanski, Frankie Rollins, Kimi Eisele, Jenna Orzel, Lisa O’Neill, Julia Gordon, Ben Johnson, Noah Saterstrom, Kate Poland, Crystal Baldridge, Robin Eaton, Melisa Bailey, Deb Crippen, Lynn Menefee, Liz Crockett, Katherine Ferrier, Movement Salon and the Architects. So much love.

In a world where trans and genderqueer people are unrecognized, at best, and brutalized, at worst, I have been incredibly blessed. I believe that the simple act of paying attention to  language, narrative, and voice not only makes visible who (or what) we missed, it also makes us invaluable to each other. We could all use more of that.


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